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Tablet Charging System
Tablet Charging System

Tablet Charging System

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All charging options include our slim charging cable with the selected charging connector attached to one end. For help in selecting the best charging option for your situation see the "Charging Option" section in the product description below.
Select the type of connector used to charge your tablet. Amazon and Samsung tablets use either micro USB or USB-C. The "Up" and "Down" designation for micro USB denotes the direction of the notch (short side) in your tablets USB port. "Up" is for devices where the notch in the USB port is facing the tablets screen. "Down" is for devices where the notch is facing the back of the tablet.
Slim charging cable length is 17 cm (6.7 in) unless customized.
When selecting cable length take into account that DC voltage drops as the length of wire increases. At 1 meter, 12 volts DC sent over 28 gauge wire to a tablet pulling 2 amps will result in 11.15 volts to the tablet. Visit to calculate voltage drop for your specific situation.

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Our tablet charging system enables you to hide the charging and power cables when mounting a tablet to the wall.

It consists of a slim charging cable and power converter which can be used in conjunction with Makes by Mike mounts, or independently when attaching your tablet to the wall.

The slim charging cable is thin and has a USB connector on one end that plugs into your tablets charging port.  Be sure to select the compatible charging connector for your tablet.

The power converter enables you to connect the slim charging cable to whatever power supply you'll be using and provides your tablet with the 5v DC need to charge.

Charging Options: Tablets can be continuously charged from a nearby 5v DC, 12v DC, 24/48v DC, or 120/240v AC power supply, or via a recessed USB outlet or passive POE (power over Ethernet) cable.

For additional charging information click here.

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